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Behind - The Collection

This 15-piece collection comprises of 13 3d paintings and 2 larger 3d pieces. It was the first collection of paintings that I created and shows the early evolution of my work. The whole collection is based around mental illness, with each piece showing a different condition. But what they depict is up to you to decide. 
Most of us have had some element of mental instability at some point in our lives. Often, these periods are just fleeting blips that will pass with help, but sometimes they can be much deeper. People can spend their entire lives in the depths of deep depressions, or so afraid to face the outside world, that it causes physical pain to do so. They can live with all kinds of psychological conditions that dictate their lives. There is a condition called Capgras syndrome. It’s quite rare and is sometimes referred to as impostor syndrome. It is when someone believes that a loved one has been replaced with an identical imitator.
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