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In the Eyes - The Collection

This collection of work comprises of three 3d pieces, two of which have a moving counterpart which can be viewed below; Follow and Nothing Left. They reflect the seclusion and isolation of this world. What fear is worse than the fear of fading away to nothing? What will we do to feel alive in the brief time we have? Will we be lured onto a dark and sinister path, just to feel something?
As with much of my work, there is a close link to death and the end of existence. A focus on the fear of mortality and the inevitability of fading away. A grasping at life, in terror and knowledge that it will one day be gone and how one truly feels like they have meant something.  

Nothing Left:
In The Eyes.
April 2021
3d Mixed media on MDF
50cm X 40.3cm

Are we real? Is our brain a multifunctioning miracle, or is it just a machine firing electrical impulses on a path where inevitably, that electricity dies? 
What's it like to fade away? What does it really mean to do so? 
Is the true vanishing, that point in time where nothing about us is remembered by anyone? 


In The Eyes.
March 2021
3d Mixed media on MDF
60.5cm X 60.5cm

A dark path. Can we do anything but follow it in our weak moments? 
What happens before that fear of fading away? 
Will we do anything to feel alive?