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Colour of Shadows - The Collection

A continuously growing collection, Colour of Shadows holds many secrets. The ideas behind this collection of work comes from a screenplay I’ve been slowly working on. Each piece focuses heavily on the colours of purple and yellow and within the works are messages and meanings. Everything in this world has a past. Everything has a purpose, and everything leads to something. This will definitely not be the last you see in the world of shadows.

Colour Of Shadows:
Colour of Shadows.
August 2021
3d Mixed media on MDF
122cm X 60.5cm

Made with many different mediums, this is the feature piece of Colour of shadows. Within it are many secrets and meanings. 

Colour Of Shadows:
Between Shadow.
September 2022
3d Mixed media on MDF
67.5cm X 40cm

Between Shadow... Two sides or many layers.