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White Box - The Collection

White Box is a large collection of five separate works, which all join together at a certain point to create one giant piece. Each individual piece was animated and then put together to create the animation above. The work as it was always intended to be viewed.

White Box fits in with my Ticking Pocket Collection in many ways, and to understand one, is to understand the other. Somewhere out there, lays the secrets of the human condition... The pain and joy we feel throughout this thing we call life. Within the realm of reality, but outside the state of comprehension. Within pixels and space. Within blood and body. Watch for the ticking... Watch these strange paintings bring a story you may struggle to see. A story on a much grander scale and with such a battle within it.

Below are the detailed images of each piece, along with a description.

Pt 1 of White Box.
January 2022
3d Mixed media on MDF
122cm X 60.5cm

A large piece, depicting the breakdown of the human form. Is everything linked? Is a heart, merely a heart? Are faces and brains, just empty vessels for something else?

Beyond The Real:
Pt 2 of White Box.
January 2022
3d Mixed media on MDF
40cm X 81cm

Are they purely just organs floating through space?