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Perpetual Funnel - Collection

Pain and suffering live within existence, but what lives outside of it? Outside of all that is known? Outside of this thing we call time... What is time? 

This collection features three pieces, all of which tell a dark and slightly macabre story. When joined together, they come to life in a whole new way. 

Perpetual Funnel:

The Full Collection:

June 2022:

3D Mixed media on MDF

124cm x 185cm

Full collection black.jpg
Fed to eternity (Nikon edit 1) for website.jpg

Fed To Eternity:
Pt 1 of Perpetual Funnel.
April 2022
3d Mixed media on MDF
122cm X 60.5cm

To exist in space outside of time after being collected from existence.

Molecule exploitation (Nikon edit 1).jpg

The breakdown of being... The breakdown of fabric and existence. What does the mouth want? Is it a mouth? Do those eyes see something outside of the known?

Molecule Exploitation:
Pt 2 of Perpetual Funnel.
May 2022
3d Mixed media on MDF
60.5 X 60.5cm

Exponential movement (Nikon edit 2).jpg

Exponential Movement:
Pt 3 of Perpetual Funnel.
June 2022
3d Mixed media on MDF
60.5 X 60.5cm

Merely a being? Through the door another exists. No longer a part of existence as it might be known...

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