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Ticking Pocket - The Collection

This six-piece collection, is in my eyes, one of my best collections of work. From somewhere deep inside of me, came the ideas for each individual piece which then create the larger story that unravels. Each of the parts have a digital moving counterpart which put together create the piece above, just as it was always intended to be viewed. Many secrets exist within it. 
As of now the past cannot be undone and the present is what it is, but the future is unknown... Who knows what occurs within it, or where time decides to go, be that backwards or forwards? Who knows if the past really is such...?.
There are links to later collections of my work. A close link with White Box Collection and Perpetual Funnel Collection. 

Vessel Of Time:
Pt 1 of Ticking Pocket.
February 2021
3d Mixed media on MDF
122cm X 60.5cm

Past, present and future...

A Drop In Time That Extends Beyond:
Pt 2 of Ticking Pocket.
March 2021
3d Mixed media on MDF
81cm X 40cm

Fixed into a course of existence, where what will be has never been before, yet has also been a thousand times. Do you go into the light?