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Music Videos


Blaze Fire

Sal Decco
Sal Decco
Funky and catchy... I loved having creative control on these two projects. 
Coming Soon 

This was an enjoyable video to create, using some simple Claymation, along with some 2d computer animation. 

The project was for a track being released by Sal Decco, and the creative freedom to make something I felt fit was refreshing. It has a late eighties early nineties game vibe. There will be more work with this artist in the future. 

Released in 2019.

This piece has a mixture of claymation, cell animation and painting animation to create a unique look. The music drives the visuals and the videos drive the music. 

Coming soon...


The Disbands

Everyone Needs an Anthem

The Disbands


The Disbands
Wonderful Acoustic band...

Great Bristol Acoustic band, both from very different backgrounds in music.

We filmed two tracks on the same day, both with a studio vibe, which I think fits the style perfectly.

There is also an interview with the band.

These were created in 2014

Let Go

Upbeat and happy. This track will
stick in your head all day.

A music video I put together for Itinerants, a lovely Bristol based band. I used live  footage I had filmed and spliced with a pre recorded track in the editing.

This video was released in 2018

Strummerjam Bristol 2018

Live Event
Watch five very talented bands perform live. 

A live music event at Fiddlers club in Bristol, containing five very different and talented bands. This event was put together to raise money for the Jo Strummer foundation and One 25, which is a Bristol-based charity, specialising in enabling women to break free from street sex-work, addiction and other life-controlling issues and build new, independent lives.

I loved filming and editing this live event, and seeing all the effort the people involved had put in.

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