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What does it lead to?

Hollow Depth

Time is a human construct.

Other Film Work

8 minute horror film released in 2011.

A woman in a creepy Underpass is pushed into a world of dark things. Things that don't make sense.

This film was one of my most favourite to shoot and write. There was only a handful of us working on it, but it was enjoyable and productive. The cast and crew all worked together to make it the best it could be. We filmed it in a screen printing Warehouse my dad worked, and used the space at night often to do full night shoots. We had to do the warehouse scene in one night, as the warehouse was obviously a working warehouse, so everything would change day by day. It was challenging, but great fun. This was the last film project in which I worked with others.

3 and a half minutes psychological film released in 2019.

What is time and how does it move? Is it as simple as a linear thing? A thing that can't ever go backwards? Does it really exist at all, and if so, who does it belong to? Who put it there and why?

This film was enjoyable to make. It was my first solo endeavour, using live action footage which revolves a lot around tone and sound

The Stalker

Rational Thoughts - Trailer

There will be no escape.
There's no telling what is real!

A young lady becomes the victim of an obsessed individual who watches her while she's home alone. Eventually he takes his desires to a level which will make your skin Crawl.

This was the first film I made with my friend Daniel Whitehorne and my wife Jennifer Gregory. It was shot on a simple SPEED Camcorder that had troubles with focus and lighting, but we made it work. It holds a dear place in my heart. It was all filmed with those extremely hot work lights for DIY and all around my own house at the time, and is a live action film.

Feature length psychological horror, initially planned for release in 2017.

Started as a screenplay I'd created for a feature film, but half way through production, we lost our lead after nearly two years of filming. Due to this major issue, the project was axed, much to my heartache. It is a project I've recently returned to and am currently working on a brand new and far superior screenplay

A story writer becomes lost within a world of doubt and delirium after a family loss. He spirals more and more into the bizarre and twisted thoughts of madness and confusion, unable to decipher between what is real and what is this new part of himself!

Prowl - Trailer

Twisted by circumstance. 

A man looses touch with his own rationality, which leads to a lapse in many things, including his own memory and time. 

This film was attempted a couple of times, but unfortunately never got far of the ground. We filmed a fair amount on the second attempt, but I was never quite happy with what I had. It's a project that I might go back to in years to come.

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