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Political pieces

The pieces on this page focus around the Enough is Enough campaign and the injustice that is currently taking place in the UK. While the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. It is a corrupt system. To view behind the scenes Time-lapse of these pieces, then visit the My Studio page. 

Colour of shadows (Nikon edit 2) new number.jpg
Enough (Nikon edit 1).jpg

Enough is Enough:
August 2022
3d Mixed media on MDF
122cm X 60.5cm

A large 3D piece, based around the Enough is Enough campaign. Tories out... A statement accompanies this piece, available to view on my website. 

Greed (Nikon edit 1).jpg


August 2022

3d Mixed media on MDF

37.5cm X 40cm

Greed... Enough is Enough. No longer should we be oppressed by the rich in order for them to accumulate even more wealth. The government should be held accountable. The CEO,s of corporate giants should be held accountable. No longer should they try to demonise workers and blame them for their own mistakes. These so called leaders are nothing more than adult children with a superiority complex. Well let me tell you this. You are not superior. You are not special. You are nothing. Those that are special and remembered by the world, are those that do good. That help others. That support those in need, not take more and more for their own selfish needs. You will not break us... We stand united. We are Hope... You are fear...

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