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FuturFear - Collection

Loss of self (Nikon edit 1).jpg

A three piece collection with an insight into the very real world of fear and anxiety. What’s it like to be trapped inside one’s own head and to dread everything outside of it, but equally, everything within it

Loss Of Self:
Future Fear.
August 2021
3d Mixed media on MDF
66.4cm X 40cm

When there is no way back...

The Nothingness (Nikon edit 1).jpg

The Nothingness:
Future Fear.
March 2022
3d Mixed media on MDF
40cm X 24.6cm

When the current self is nothing more than a vessel for things past.

Vital part (Nikon edit 1).jpg

Vital Part:
Future Fear.
June 2021
3d Mixed media on MDF
52cm X 40.2cm

When a vital part is slowly lost, and the essence of what should have been begins to disappear, only to be replaced by a new dominant part. It's hard to be trapped and neglect to see how life once was.

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