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Perpetual Funnel - The Collection

This collection features three pieces, all of which tell a dark and slightly macabre story, but with something else within them. Each has a moving counterpart, and there is a great link between the Ticking Pocket and White Box Collections. It is a detailed and intricate collection of work. Pain and suffering live within existence, but what lives outside of it? Outside of all that is known? Outside of this thing we call time... What is time? 
I feel this collection really reflects my fascination with how things work and the links between them. The state of decay on not just a human level, but a cosmic one. See what you find within this collection and let the feelings that arise, linger. Don’t push them away. Don’t make them sink back down because of the darkness they may bring. Let them have a place within you.  

Fed To Eternity:
Pt 1 of Perpetual Funnel.
April 2022
3d Mixed media on MDF
122cm X 60.5cm

To exist in space outside of time after being collected from existence.

Molecule Exploitation:
Pt 2 of Perpetual Funnel.
May 2022
3d Mixed media on MDF
60.5 X 60.5cm

The breakdown of being... The breakdown of fabric and existence. What does the mouth want? Is it a mouth? Do those eyes see something outside of the known?